Raster Masters partners with teams and customers across the United States applying expertise in the latest technologies through digital modernization with skilled experienced professionals.  Together, we create solutions and strategies that assist customers, delivering breakthrough innovation, and transformative outcomes to drive higher business efficiency and faster decision making while reducing costs.


Our mission is to provide your data to you securely with expediency and accuracy.

Many organizations still rely on manual systems and processes to manage their organizational workflows. These manual, document-centric processes with a mix of physical and digital formats can cause bottlenecks and delays and make accessing information difficult, especially for hybrid workforces.

How do we do it?


We allow multiple channels and file types to import and scan your documents.


Why pay for what you don’t need? The goal is always fit not “fat” by streamlining your process and eliminating manual intervention and inaccuracies.


Digitization technology allows auto-classification of hundreds of data points through our OCR technology to export straight into your workflow for a seamless work environment.


Documents and the data captured are transferred to your document management system for ease of access and process workflow applications.

Why do you need it?

Improve Workflow

Scanning and organizing your digital documents allows for fast access to files throughout your whole company.

Eliminate manual work

Save time by reducing the need for mail intake and document processing employees. Freeing employees to be where you need them most.

Improve Communication

Slow, outdated manual mail processing can negatively affect the speed and quality of communications between your business and its customers and suppliers. Digital mail produces faster response time and promotes better quality of service.

Increase Accuracy

Combine machine learning with human validation to get precise data every time.

Drive Efficiencies

Retrieve structured, indexed output for all document types, enabling you to respond to information quickly. Documents are available on demand, providing accelerated access to vital information, and promoting better communication and collaboration among the members of your team.

Meet Compliance

Consistently meet security requirements with data privacy, encryption, and compliance standards. Our HIPAA compliant service is designed to exceed your organization’s data privacy regulatory requirements.

Cost Efficiency

Eliminate the need for expensive scanning equipment, software, manual labor, and employee training programs. We provide the technology, the expertise, and the decades of process refinement.