Advanced Technology

Raster Masters uses the latest scanning equipment from OPEX and Kodak to convert paper documents to electronic images.

In our secure records capture center, we can tailor a capture solution to meet your unique requirements.

Back-File Conversion.

We have the capacity to scan entire file rooms of documents quickly and accurately. The output is customized to your needs and can be formatted to be imported into most commercial image management systems.

We provide a wide range of bulk conversion services including paper to digital and platform to platform.

Day-Forward Scanning.

Raster Masters provides capture services for mail room automation and digital archiving.

We can reduce your overhead costs by eliminating the capital equipment costs and standing overhead of in-house capture facilities.


Coupled with our secure records storage, Scan-On Demand provides the most economical way to make paper records available to an imaging system.

When you request records to be retrieved from storage, we convert them to digital images and deliver via e-mail or our secure website.